GeoHydroData wants to contribute
to a sustainable growth of our society
through scientifically sound
consulting and engineering
in Geo, Hydro and Data Science.

Here, the term ‘sustainable’ refers to minimizing the impact of projects and operations on the future generations so that they should not pay the burden of choices or decisions made today.

Growth’ refers to the fact that, as a society, we should strive towards a better state of our living world: economy, ecology and other themes will go hand in hand.

Respect is a crucial aspect in achieving such sustainable growth: respect for the value of a well performing economy and a well performing business, respect for the value of a healthy and ecological environment and respect for the individual person in both personal and professional contacts and commitments.

It is the belief of GeoHydroData that innovation, cooperation and partnership, scientific research and established expert judgement (= experience) are key in finding solutions for problems of today and challenges of tomorrow.

In brief, it can be said that

GeoHydroData believes in
People, Planet and Prosperity