Project news: GeoHydroData to work with Fluves in dike monitoring and stability research project

GeoHydroData and Fluves started a cooperation in a dike monitoring and stability research project.

River dike near Dendermonde (illustration).

For our customer Flanders Hydraulics Research, we will be performing research and consultancy activities in the framework of the EU INTERREG project POLDER2C’s.

Our services include supplying research and consultancy capacity to the project team.

The scope for the project comprises the setup and organization of pre- and post- experimental surveys, developing and performing monitoring of dike overflow, wave overtopping, and dike breach processes. This will be conducted in close collaboration with a span of Flemish, French, Dutch and British partners.

GeoHydroData and Fluves are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration to gain new scientific and practical insights in flood defense strategies.